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St. Monans in the East Neuk of Fife is well worth a visit to capture the atmosphere of an old, close knit, Fishing community. For centuries the people of St. Monans lived, worked, and worshipped by the sea. It was part of their life and a constant struggle just to survive. The old houses of St. Monans reflect this struggle as they fight for a precious foothold on the rocky shores around the harbor. Even the old Church to the west of the village stands defiant on the sea shore.

The village was originally called Inverin but eventually took its name from St. Monans who lived in a cave near the Old Church and may well have been killed by invading pirates. The present Church was built in 1362 to replace an earlier Chapel on this site. It was built on the instruction of David II for his gratitude in being rescued after his ship was wrecked in the Firth of Forth.

The United College, principal center of University life, stands on the site of St. Salvators College ( 1450 ) and includes the old tower and collegiate church. The ancient thorn close to St. Marys College is said to have been planted by Mary Queen of Scots. The University Library building contains the old hall in which the Parliament of Scotland met in 1645-46. These are but a very few of the colorful links with Scotlands brave past, and the whole is wrapped in a quiet awareness of the age-old pride and dignity which no other town in the country can hope to meet or beat.

For more than a hundred years St. Andrews has been famed as a holiday resort, not only on account of its golf, but also for its history, scenery and its equable and invigorating climate. It is almost unnecessary to say that the Royal & Ancient Golf Club is the premier golf club in the world. All the courses are an immense attraction to vacationers, and it is the ambition of every golfer to play on the world famous " Old Course."

There are many putting greens in different parts of the town, and abundant facilities for tennis, lawn bowling, swimming and boating. Indeed it is to be doubted whether there is in Britain a stretch of beach to equal the magnificent two-mile stretch at the West Sands. Almost equally appealing are the East Sands and Kinkell Braes, a stretch of rocky foreshore much enjoyed by young and old alike.

St. Andrews can best be seen on foot. Start at the old harbor and walk up to the Cathedral and Castle and the onwards to the " Old Course " and beach. A further walk up North Street, Market Street and South Street will provide the walker with an opportunity to visit most of the best sites in St. Andrews.

St Andrews is ideally located for easy trips to the East Neuk, North Fife, Dunfermline, Culross, Perth, Edinburgh, Falkland Palace, and all of historic Fife and Perthshire.