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The coastal scene of Largo Bay with its sandy beaches and golf courses, lying in the shadow of the old volcanic mound of Largo Law ( hill ), forms an attractive setting for the old villages of Lundin Links, Upper Largo and Lower Largo. Consequently Lundin Links has always been a favorite of vacationers and especially golfers. The Lundin Links course was designed in 1868 and today is of the required standard to hold the qualifying rounds of the Open Championship when it is held in St Andrews. The course is dotted with ancients stones and ruined towers from ancient times.

Lower Largo is a popular tourist resort with an attractive harbor at the mouth of the Kiel River which is dominated by the towering arches and pillars of the now defunct railway viaduct. Lower Largo is renowned for its association with Alexander Selkirk, who was to gain fame for his self-imposed exile on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean. Selkirk was born in the village in 1676 and in his youth developed a keen interest in the seafaring life. Eventually, he ran away to sea and in the year 1704 was sailing on the ship " Cinque Ports " across the Pacific Ocean when after a violent disagreement with the captain he was put ashore on the island of Juan Fernandez. It was four years and four months before he was rescued and returned to London. Daniel Defoe, the novelist, became interested in the real-life story and in 1719 published Robinson Crusoe. In Lower Largo a small statue of Andrew Selkirk, dressed in familiar desert island goat-skin clothing, marks the site of the cottage where he was born.

Upper Largo otherwise known as Kirkton of Largo, with its old Church that was consecrated in 1243 lies near the foot of Largo Law. the Church with its 17th century spire sits high on a grassy knoll and forms a picturesque setting amongst the trees and surrounding cottages.

Standing between Upper Largo and Lundin Links are the sorry ruins of Largo House which built by the architect Robert Adams in 1750.

Lower Largo is ideally located for easy trips to St Andrews, Dunfermline, Culross, Perth, Edinburgh, Falkland Palace, and all of historic Fife.