Kingdom of Fife, The definitive guide to travel and tourism in Scotland


Fife is a small county in Scotland which has a successful history dating back to the Picts in the 6th Century. The county was originally known as Fib by the picts, but it would later take the name of Kingdom of Fife. The county has many archaeological sites which tell the story of Scotland through the many thousands of years in its history.

The county became more renowned with the town of St Andrews which saw claims that relics of Saint Andrew of Bethsaida who was born in 1st Century AD came to the town. The town later would become more renowned with the construction of The University of St Andrews which was built in the 13th century and world famous golf course built in 1754.

The modern day Fife County enjoys a population 16,680 with many of Scotland’s historical important events taking place in the county. A useful St Andrews city guide is worth researching before visiting the area in order to discover the wealth of opportunities and activities on offer.