Highlands, The definitive guide to travel and tourism in Scotland


The Highlands is a territory in Scotland which pins out from Fort William to Aviemore stretching up to Ullapool east across to Wick. The Highland territory takes up roughly a third of Scotland's land mass and has history dating back 8,000 years with many historical events occurring in its land across many centuries. The Highlands by its names sits above lowland Scotland which sits closer to the English border with a far larger population.

The Highland territory has maintained for centuries a low population with many farmers and crofters living in the territory. The territory wouldn’t change till 16th century with the Napoleonic war which brought prosperity, optimism, and economic growth to the Highlands. Highland Clearance which came around 1815 smashed the population of the Highlands greatly with many of the population being taxed and moved from the land. It wouldn’t be till 18th-21th century during and after the rain of Queen Victoria that the Highlands would grow in population. Take a look at an Inverness city guide if you decide to stay in the capital of the Scottish Highlands.